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Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are an effective and quick means of stabilizing dentures or completely replacing missing teeth.  The procedure necessary for mini dental implants is faster than most expect and nearly painless as it is minimally invasive. 

The procedure necessary to add mini dental implants to the mouth involves significantly less work than that for traditional dental implants. As a result, the placement of mini dental implants can typically be completed in a single appointment at our Woodhaven dental office.

The Merits of Mini Dental Implants

The benefits of mini dental implants extend well beyond spending as little time as possible at the dentist’s office.  Take this route and you will find the procedure creates minimal discomfort as there is rarely any need for sutures or surgical flaps to move the implants into place.  The small amount of time necessary to place mini dental implants in the mouth makes it easier for our team to provide them at an affordable cost. If you are concerned about mini dental implants cost near me, just feel free to contact us. 

Compare the cost of mini dental implants to that of larger traditional implants and you will find the mini variety is significantly cheaper.  Furthermore, mini dental implants are that much more comfortable and require comparably less time for healing. Our courteous staff will guide you towards the best options. For reliable information about mini dental implants cost near me, just contact our team.

Mini dental implant benefits include but are not limited to:

Non-surgical procedure accurately described as gentle

Fewer visits at the dentist’s office

Preserves facial and bone structure


Improves smile beauty

Bolsters confidence when eating, speaking, laughing, etc.

Anchors cemented crowns and bridges as well as dentures

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