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You deserve great dental care at a price you can afford. We work with our patients to make sure that our practice is accessible to the whole community!

Trusted Experience

We may use state-of-the-art techniques and technology, but we also have over 36 years of experience. You can trust our dentists to know exactly what you need to smile your brightest!

Quality Care

We strive to offer high-quality services and materials. You can feel confident that our work will hold up and that your teeth will be as healthy as possible under our care!

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20% Off All
Dental Services*

Your dental health is important to you, and it’s important to us too! This November, Allenwood Dental is delighted to offer a 20% discount on all dental services. Take this opportunity to enhance your smile health and maintain a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums with the dental care you need. Call today to schedule your visit with us!

*New patients only.

$159 Take-Home Whitening Kit*

Ready to brighten your smile? We are extending an incredible offer for professional teeth whitening treatment at the affordable cost of $159! Our whitening system is composed of specially formulated bleaching gel and take-home trays, built to fit the upper and lower arch of teeth. Make your smile shine bright this holiday season by scheduling an appointment with us today!

*New patients only.
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$89 Cleaning, Exam &

Need to get your teeth looked at but hesitant to take the plunge? How’s this for an incentive: we offer a package that includes a cleaning, a full dental exam, and x-rays for only $89! You’ll be freshened up and smiling in no time! 

*New patients only.

FREE Exam & X-Ray*

If you need a dental assessment, you’ll love our price: FREE. We’ll welcome you to our office and perform a full dental exam, including x-rays. You’ll leave knowing your treatment options and feeling confident about what to do next.

*New patients only.
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$2,999 Single Mini Implant*

Mini dental implants are the most elegant and functional approach to replacing missing teeth. While the price often reflects that, we are delighted to offer a more affordable option that starts at $2,999. Do your mouth a favor and schedule a FREE consultation today!

*New patients only.
*This Offer Is Inclusive Of Membrane Barriers As Well As Bone Grafting.

$4,900 Implant-Retained Dentures*

Traditional dentures may look like real teeth, but they can fall out without warning! Instead of adhesives or suction, implant-retained dentures are attached to a small number of dental implants that are inserted into the jawbone. Don’t wait, contact our office today to learn how implant-retained dentures can benefit your smile!

*New patients only.
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Membership Plan

To help make our services more affordable to our patients without insurance, we offer yearly membership plans! A membership plan is a great way to save money on regular dental services like exams and cleanings, as well as get discounts on all of our other work. By signing up, you’ll:

Welcome to Allenwood Dental!

Welcome to Allenwood Dental, your

Woodhaven dentist

! If you or your family are looking for dental care near Woodhaven, MI, we’d be delighted to get to know you! Our team is a group of experienced dental professionals who care deeply about your well-being and strive to provide you with excellent service at an affordable price. We treat patients of all ages and for almost any condition and look forward to showing you why we have earned the trust of our community. Give us a call today!

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From the office team right up to the actual dentist, I could not be more satisfied with the quality and cost. I highly recommend Allenwood Dental.
Edward U.
A wonderful team! Friendly, professional, and transparent in the pricing and services. I recommend Allenwood Dental to anyone looking for a dentist.
Charles C.
I was very impressed with the way I was treated and by the professionalism of the entire team.
Wendell G.
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