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General DentistryWoodhaven, MI

General dentistry is centered on providing patients with dental care in a timely manner to maintain the best oral health. Periodic dental cleanings combined with exams are essential to addressing dental problems long before they compromise oral health. At Allenwood Dental, our team is focused on providing patients with preventative care that maintains the health of their smiles. If you are searching for a dentist in the Woodhaven, MI area, call our office to schedule your visit today!

Dental Exams & Cleanings

When you visit our office for a cleaning, exam, and x-ray, you will benefit from preventive and diagnostic dental services. Your visit will include an evaluation of your gum tissue, x-rays to reveal potential decay, and an oral cancer screening/exam. Our recommendations for preventative services range from fluoride application to stain removal plaque/tartar removal, dental sealants, cleaning and adjusting dentures, fillings, crowns, and polishing teeth. Most of these treatments can be performed during a regular check-up. Our team also offers advice in regard to oral hygiene to help you avoid cavities, gum disease and other issues. 

Gum Disease 

Gum disease affects both the tissue and the bone that supports the teeth. Failure to treat gum disease in a timely manner can eventually lead to tooth loss. Studies reveal gum disease is also tied to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and additional diseases. If you have gum disease, our team can help.  We provide a wide variety of treatments to offset, reverse, and even prevent the disease’s potential damage. Regular dental check-ups are important as gum disease has the potential to advance without the patient knowing it. In fact, this disease does not cause any pain whatsoever in its early stages. By regularly visiting your dentist, the earliest signs of gum disease can be caught and addressed right away. 

Root Canal Therapy

Our team believes in preserving natural teeth and avoiding extractions whenever possible. One treatment that can help preserve an infected tooth is root canal therapy. Root canal treatments remove the nerve that has been infected along with the tooth’s damaged pulp. By removing all areas threatening the health of the tooth, the tooth can be preserved for many more years. Typically a dental crown or filling is needed to restore the function and appearance of the tooth following root canal therapy.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are also referred to as caps and covers. Crowns are placed over a tooth or a dental implant. The purpose of the crown is to restore the tooth for proper functionality, size, and shape. If you have a tooth that is misshapen or discolored, a dental crown can improve its appearance. Dental crowns also help protect teeth that have cracked, weakened, or become worn. A dental crown can preserve a tooth that otherwise would require an extraction.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges connect the space between one or several missing teeth by placing dental crowns where teeth are missing. Bridges are used to stop teeth from moving out of position, distribute bite force appropriately, restore a compromised smile, and enhance chewing/speaking. Dental bridges are also used to maintain the patient’s facial shape. 

Dental Fillings

Most patients are aware of the fact that dental fillings are most commonly used for cavity treatment.  However, fillings can also repair broken teeth, cracked teeth, and those that have worn over time.  Our dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth, restore it with a composite filling that matches the color of the tooth, and conduct a bite check to ensure proper alignment.

A Team You Can Trust

Having a dedicated, experienced dental team makes all the difference when it comes to your quality of care. Our doctors have helped patients in all stages of dental development and love helping patients work towards their dental goals. Dr. Ghannam not only loves serving in the dental field, but also has over 36 years of experience! You can rest assured that you’re in good hands when you schedule a visit with us. We pledge to provide honest, trustworthy care at each and every dental visit!

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