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Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are even slightly disappointed with your smile aesthetic, it is time to take action. Let our dental team get to work on enhancing your appearance and you will enjoy a brand new look that greatly improves your smile, bolsters your confidence, and ultimately enhances your quality of life. We invest the time and effort necessary to design a new smile that is right for your face shape, size, and color.  In short, there is an artistic element to cosmetic dentistry. Put your faith in our team and we will rebuild your smile to suit your unique aesthetic.

The Basics of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry improves the look of teeth with numerous techniques.  From teeth whitening to bonding, straightening, restoration, and crowning, we have plenty of techniques for smile enhancement at our disposal.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for You?

If you are thinking about improving your smile aesthetic with cosmetic dentistry, take some time to review the questions and concerns noted below.  Think about whether you truly enjoy the way your smile looks. Do you mind the spaces between your teeth?  Are you happy with the hue of your teeth? Are your teeth crooked? Our cosmetic dentist has relevant solutions for your problems.

Perhaps you have chips or cracks on your teeth.Some patients are missing one or several teeth.  Even if your teeth are excessively long or short, you can benefit from cosmetic dentistry.  Furthermore, if you do not like the position or shape of your teeth, our cosmetic dentistry team can help transform your smile.

Teeth Whitening

Opt for teeth whitening and you will enjoy renewed confidence. Our teeth whitening service enhances your smile, bringing out the best in your aesthetic.  We provide two teeth whitening options to improve your smile. Our cosmetic dentist will help you to get the most glowing smile.

In-office whitening is superior to tray whitening systems as it is performed by professionals with advanced equipment. In-office whitening relies on a bleaching process that lightens the color of teeth that have become discolored over the years.  In-office whitening is performed in the dentist’s office. The procedure typically takes a couple of hours. Our team applies a gel to the teeth and shines a specialized light onto the gel to break apart discoloration and stains. Our expert and experienced cosmetic dentist Woodhaven can easily fix chronic dental issues.

Take-home whitening is the other option. This approach requires taking an impression of the teeth to create customized trays that fit around the teeth. A whitening gel is placed in the trays that are subsequently positioned within the mouth. A whiter smile is achieved a couple of weeks after the procedure. Our cosmetic dentist will make sure that you can smile with confidence.


Cosmetic procedures are available to enhance the look of teeth that have stained, chipped, cracked, or broken. Even improperly spaced teeth can benefit from bonding.  This process connects materials that are the same color of the teeth or bonds them directly to the surface of the teeth. Bonding enhances those ugly stains resulting from tobacco, tea, coffee, or medications. In fact, chips, cracks, and improper spacing can also be remedied by bonding.


Veneers are shells colored like real teeth that are custom-made and permanently connected to the teeth. The goal of veneers is to safeguard the surface of compromised teeth. Veneers are also favored as they enhance smile aesthetics, prove durable, and do not require the removal of underlying tooth structure.  Veneers safeguard the surface of teeth that have been damaged, possibly eliminating the potential for additional treatment. Built with cutting edge porcelain, veneers replicate the characteristics of the tooth’s natural enamel, generating a lovely looking smile.


Crowns are caps or covers placed atop the tooth or implant. Crowns restore teeth to their normal size, shape, and ensure proper functionality. Crowns are used to enhance the look and strength of teeth. If you have a discolored or improperly shaped tooth and would like to improve the look of your smile, you can benefit from a crown.

If you have a cavity that is so large that it cannot accommodate a filling, a crown will prove quite helpful. Furthermore, if you have undergone a root canal, a crown will safeguard the restored tooth. If you have a cracked, weakened, or worn tooth, a crown will reinforce its strength.

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